CSB-How Dogs Say Hello, Laughing Dog Brewery Inc.

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Image by iHeartBeer.com

This is Part 2 in the series I am calling “Reviews of beers I have stolen from my dad”.  Tonight’s beer is CSB-How Dogs Say Hello this beer is brought to us from Laughing Dog Brewery Inc..

First impressions of this beer is on the label of the bottle.  Under the “CSB” is the phrase Extra Special Bitter Beer.  Personally for me this was not a good sign.  I am still a little gun shy from my last beer I stole from my dad so seeing this beer described as a Bitter Beer (no matter how extra special it might be) was not promising.  To my surprise this CSB, while bitter, was not over poweringly (don’t think that’s a word) bitter.  Just enough bitterness while also possessing my favorite beer adjective…crispness.  Along with the crispness I feel like there are some malty aromas that remind me of a homebrew….granted a really really really good homebrew.

I fired up the LaughingDogBrewing.com and learned a couple of fun facts.  The first is what the “CSB” stands for?  Any guesses?  Cool Satisfying Beer?  Cracked State Brew?  Caterpillar Sucks Balls?  Don’t be silly of course it means Crotch Sniffing  Bastard…no really.   According to the website there was a dog named Ben that had a habit of sticking his nose into people’s crotches as a way of saying hello.   So instead of putting  an end to such uncouth behavior…they named a beer after him…..WHO’S THE GOOD BOY???

Image by iHeartBeer.com

Image by iHeartBeer.com

So if you like a slightly bitter crispy malty beer that was named after a dog who literally kept sticking his nose into other peoples business then I highly suggest giving this beer a whirl.



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