Alex’s Truly Wit-tacular Home Brew

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Without a doubt the best thing about about getting into home brewing with your friends is the chance to sample their home brews.  Today that is exactly what I got to do when my buddy Alex handed me one of his newest brews, True Wit.


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Now, Alex is a developer and I believe that wires him to lean more toward functionality than style.  He is a guy that is not interested in labelsquirky names, or designer bottle caps.  No, he is a man that is chiefly concerned about what’s inside the bottle and I appreciate and thank him for that.

Essentially, I am saying he is not me who has a tendency to put the “cart before the horse” or in this case the “beer label before the beer”.

So, I am going to assume ‘True Wit’ is only the name of the type of beer and not the “name” of the beer… like say oh I don’t know Alex’s Truly Wit-tacular Home Brew or something to that effect.

That being said this is what I know/learned about True Wit beers.

  1. A true wit beer must be made of at least 25% wheat malt in combination with barley malt.
  2. Belgian wit beers are naturally cloudy since they are unfiltered.
  3. Has fruit/citrus flavors

So I got my handy dandy beer drinking glass, popped the bottle open, and gave it a nice slow pour.  Right away I noticed the cloudiness mentioned above.  Before the beer even touched my lips the first thing I smelled was the tartness of grapefruit.  This was a pleasant surprise as this is  my first beer with grapefruit.

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The next flavor to hit me was coriander.  Now, I knew it was coriander for two reason. The first being I knew that coriander has a citrus flavor to it and the second being Alex told me as much when he gave me the beer.  He created a nice pulp using grapefruit, orange peels, and crushed coriander seeds which in his own words was “so legit”. I also learned some interesting facts about coriander here and who doesn’t want to learn more about coriander seeds?

Many years ago I learned to never judge a book by its cover or in this case a beer by his hasty slapped on piece of masking tape and sharpie scribble.  Alex’s True Wit stayed “true” to it’s roots in both appearance and flavor.  Extra bonus points for exposing me to my first grapefruit flavored beer.

Also, while I was researching True Wit beers I stumbled upon a YouTube review for the Belgium beer Wittekerke.  I am going to buy a sixer of Witterkerke strictly because of this gentleman.  Now I don’t know where this guy is from but until proven otherwise I am going to assume all Belgians are like this guy.




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