A beer run to Beer Run (Charlottesville, VA)


A week ago I decided that it would be fun to visit my sister in her town of Charlottesville, VA. Visiting Charlottesville allowed me to accomplish a couple of things at once.  I am able to visit with my sister who I don’t get to hang out with enough but also while I am there I am able to visit one of my favorite places in Charlottesville, Beer Run.

Beer Run is unique establishment because it combines a bar + restaurant + beer store into one harmonious location for food, beer, and a neighborhood bar. Most impressively Beer Run is able to perform these three tasks at a very high level of quality and customer service. We arrived at Beer Run while their Sunday brunch was in full swing. They were on a 10-15 minute wait which was music to my ears because all I wanted to do since we started our journey to C-ville was gleefully stroll Beer Run’s aisles mentally placing beers into the shopping cart in my brain.

Image by iHeartBeer.com

Image by iHeartBeer.com

Outside of a Total Wine, Beer Run has one the a most diverse selection of beers I have had the pleasure of browsing.  This is remarkable considering that the space used to display their beer inventory is around 1/100th the size of a Total Wine.

Image by iHeartBeer.com

Image by iHeartBeer.com

I love that they have a refrigerated shelf just for purchasing individual cans of beer. As you might remember I am a huge fan of the do-it-yourself six pack. Two minor annoyances of DIY sixers are they usually only offer bottles and also you will need to cool down your beers before you can enjoy them.  BOOM, refrigerated individual cans for you to create your own sixer.

Image by iHeartBeer.com

Image by iHeartBeer.com

They of course have their own ‘Wall of Happiness’ otherwise known as shelves of 750ml bottles (not sure if anyone there refers to the 750ml bottles as their Wall of Happiness but I do like the think they get happy like me whenever they walk past it). The bottles are organized by style, location, and even personal recommendations by the staff.

Image by iHeartBeer.com

Image by iHeartBeer.com

This is a beautiful image.  Starr HillWild Wolf21st Amendment, and DC Brau all stacked on top of one another. I was very tempted to just try and push this shelf over to the register. Luckily just as I was beginning to loosen up they called our name and we sat down to eat.

While I am always pleasantly surprised at Beer Run’s in-store beer selection what honestly shocked me the most was how delicious their food was. We were in time for the Sunday brunch and it didn’t take long for my eyes to zero in on the ‘El Guapo Breakfast Burrito’. When I’m out in public with family I try to keep my caveman instincts in check whenever someone drops a breakfast burrito the size of jar of pickles in front of me.  So with as much restraint as I could muster I sliced the flour tortilla  in half and gazed in anticipation as hot steam escaped from the burrito and the layers of scrambled eggs (locally grown), black beans (organic) and pepper jack cheese all oozed together. The El Guapo was served with a spicy Pico de Gallo (house-made) and Texas Frites which only increased the enjoyment of this dish. 

The staff was incredibly friendly and possessed a sense of urgency you only see when a restaurant has a well trained staff.  They were prompt and polite with everything from inquiring if you needed a refill or asking if you had any questions about any of the beers.  The only minor issue I had was that their menu contained everything they serve throughout the week. While patrons who frequent Beer Run every week might not notice for someone  new or out of town it was a bit confusing. Like I said, minor, if the only issue of my visit is my own inability to remember what day of the week it is you’re doing a bang up job.

Image by iHeartBeer.com

Image by iHeartBeer.com

After lunch I finally made up my mind and picked out some beers:

  • Aloha B’ak’tun – Belgian Chocolate Stout from Maui Brewing Company.
  • CoCoNut Porter – Porter from Maui Brewing Company.
  • Eagle Claw Fist – Imperial Amber Ale from Clown Shoes.
  • Brown Angel brown Ale – Double Brown Ale from Clown Shoes.
  • Blonde Hunny – Belgian Blond Ale from Wild Wolf Brewing Company.

Keep a look out for reviews of these great beer.


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