I know you are but what am I! – An immature Hopsdate

Hops + Update = Hopsdate

Visited my hops today and they reminded me of me: slightly immature but marvelous looking.

Image by iHeartBeer.com

Image by iHeartBeer.com

It didn’t hurt it gently rained while I was visiting so they have a nice looking shine to them.

wpid-IMG_20130721_221317 wpid-IMG_20130721_221407 wpid-IMG_20130721_221441

(These guys have a way to go)

wpid-IMG_20130721_221545 wpid-IMG_20130721_221624

I’ve been researching on when the best time to harvest hops. Most forums say mid August – September. I also learned about the “squeeze test” when you squeeze the hops between your thumb and forefinger and if the hops spring back into its original shape they’re ready. These do not have the spring back I’m looking for yet but that’s okay little fellas we have time.


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