It’s an iHeartBeer Birthday

Today is a special day for iHeartBeer.  It’s our birthday. Not the birthday of iHeartBeer the blog but iHeartBeer the man. It is also the day we officially can no longer claim to be in our mid 30’s and must accept our status of being in our late 30’s. In order to mark both the occasion and lessen it’s sting we were presented with some wonderful beer related gifts.

First my wife gave me this beautiful handcrafted wooded six pack carrier.

Image by

Image by

wpid-IMG_20130727_143544 wpid-IMG_20130727_143056

Equipped with it’s own bottle opener.

wpid-IMG_20130727_143746 wpid-IMG_20130727_143649

It looks amazing stocked with six of my homebrews and just feels awesome to carry.  It’s like I’m carrying an old tool box but instead of tools that I have no idea how to use it’s full of beer that I definitely know how to use.

The next gift came from my wonderful in-laws who found a way for me to enjoy one of my all time favorite beers even more. Tripel Karmeliet is a Belgian Tripel that I have spoken very highly of  in the past and I thought there was no way I could love this beer even more. That was until I received a Tripel Karmeliet glass specially designed to be for this beer.

Designed by Antoine Boosteels, of Bosteels Brewery, maker of the Tripel Karmeliet this elegant glass is decorated with four Fleur-de-lis.


According to Bosteels Brewery the pourer holds the glass at a slight angle and slowly begins to fill the glass until the beer reaches the tips of the Fleur-de-lis. The rest of the glass will be filled with a nice frothy head.


It just so happens I happen to have a bottle of Tripels Karmeliet downstairs in my beer fridge.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and my family for these amazing gifts. They will be put to good use.



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