This isn’t sketchy at all….

No there isn’t anything sketchy about a man going into Target and buying a digital scale and vacuum sealer. I also didn’t appreciate the 19 year old Target employee who was helping me adding air quotes around the word “hops”.

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With my hops properly dried it was time to bag and seal them into order to preserve their flavor and essential oils. The last time we saw my bed of dried hops them looked impressive all spread out on my homemade drying rack. If you would have asked me then “How much hops do you think these all weigh?” I would have said 2 pounds and then admitted that I am terrible at guessing the weight of stuff. I am pretty sure I had chicken pox when they taught ounces/cups/liters/etc. I am completely ignorant on the subject. On the plus side the digital scale works great. It was a tad small though so I ended up having to stack the hops in a weird game of Jenga. Placing a cone here or there trying to get the digital number to change from 0.2 to 0.3. One misplaced cone and they would all come tumbling down.

After weighing them I was able to bag six 1 ounce bags of hops. The vacuum sealer sucked all the air out of the bags turning my vibrant full cones into a green looking mush. I was concerned that sucking the air out of them will crush them so I reopened one of the bags and the cones sprang back to the original form.

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With these guys weighed and sealed I popped them into the freezer to save them. I have read that hops stored this way will last for over a year. Hopefully I will have used them all before that. Now I just need to decided on an IPA to brew next. I have been reading about the amount of hops needed to make a strong hoppy IPA and it looks like I might end up using all the hops in my next batch. Thankfully there are still cones left to be harvested and hopefully I will be able to get another 6 ounces this weekend.




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